Did you know? Every time you purchase a Made in the USA Ross Reel, we contribute 10% of the sale to conservation efforts



Thank you for your interest in becoming an Industry Pro!

Please submit your application online and remember to include all required information. Normal turnaround can take up to 10 business days. Please review our pro program guidelines and pro warranty information carefully. 

  • •  Invitation for membership is reserved for working professionals (not enthusiasts) in the outdoor industry who make a majority of their living as a professional fishing guide, fly shop employee, or select members of conservation organizations. If you are not one of these, please visit www.experticity.com for industry pricing on our products.

  •  •  This website is only for Ross Reels® Pro ordering; please visit the Abel PRO PROGRAM for Abel Reels® pro product ordering. Please note that if you are an approved Abel® Pro, your login credentials work on this website, but you still must email us for discounted access.

  • •  Membership in this program should be considered a privilege and never a right or entitlement; this is a partnership of mutual respect.

  • •  You are required to re-apply annually.

  • •  Your pro account is for you only and meant to outfit you for the work that you do. While purchasing gifts for others is a nice gesture, it is strictly prohibited under this program. If someone admires your Ross Reels® gear (clients, friends or family), please refer them to our website or dealers.

  • •  You must make all purchases yourself; your spouse (or anyone else) cannot place orders for you.

  • •  Anyone caught selling their pro gear will be subject to immediate loss of Pro privileges.

  • •  Exchanges must always be processed through either Ross Reels® directly. Do not exchange merchandise at your local dealer. 

  • •  We reserve the right to change or modify membership in this program for any reason and at any time. 

  • •  Please Note: Pro sales are subject to goods personalization (i.e. your full name, AS IT APPEARS ON YOUR ACCOUNT, will be engraved on reels and accessories). These goods are not subject to cancellation or returns. Exceptions may apply if approved by our Pro team.

  • •  Pricing/Taxes: Account price levels are subject to change without notice. Sales tax applies if your address is in the following states or counties: Colorado (Montrose County).


As a Pro, it is understood that you use your products in harsher climates and are much more demanding of our gear. This means that damage due to wear and tear will happen at an accelerated rate. We reserve the right to deem returned products under this program from seasons-past damaged due to normal wear and tear. We will contact you about repair possibilities or costs. Membership in the Pro program does not exempt you from repair costs or service charges.